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All Dogs Need a Good Place to Sleep

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your beloved pet is filtering through the thousands of dog beds out there to find the perfect one for him or her. The right dog bed is more crucial than many pet owners may realize.

Since most canines sleep up to 14 hours a day, they spend more time asleep than awake…what a life! Long, deep sleep restores a dog’s health, strength and vitality. If your once lovable friend suddenly becomes grouchy or has lost his zest for life, one thing to consider is that he may be sleep deprived. A comfortable, spacious dog bed can help restore his good spirits, and we have plenty of possible options available at Dog Beds Warehouse.

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The Art of Finding a Dog Bed

His Needs and Your Needs

There are two main things your dog needs when it comes to his berth: comfort and the correct size.  Believe it or not, your friend really cares that he has a soft place to sleep, even though he can’t say it to you in so may words!  Why do you think he’s on your sofa or bed every chance he gets?

There are all types of mattresses available to provide him with exactly what he wants.  Doggie mattresses have different firmness levels just as ours do.  Buying a mattress that’s bigger than he is may not pose a problem, but one that is too small is a disaster!  Taking good measurements can prevent a mistake in size.

Your needs as a pet owner are the same, but with added concerns.  Owners often want to go beyond providing comfort, to outright pampering their pooches with luxury dog beds that are cute and unique.  There’s nothing wrong with indulging your need for the right color to match your décor and tastes.  It’s fun to show off your pet’s personalized cot in a designer color and fabric!

These types of sleeping cots generally provide the ultimate in comfort and have added amenities such as heat or vibration.  These are nice features for an older dog or one that’s arthritic.  Ignore the critics!  Don’t feel guilty of overly indulging your pet.  You want the best that money can buy to make your best friend as comfortable as possible. 


You’ll realize as you search through the hundreds of pet stores online and offline that there’s a wide array of prices of doggie cots to fit any budget.  Cheap dog beds are available for private owners and veterinarians, pet hospitals and shelters where patients won’t stay very long.  However, you may find it more cost effective to buy a better bed because it lasts longer.

Discount, wholesale and clearance beds for pets are the best options to buy a better bed at reduced costs.  We here at often mark our various doggie sleep products on sale for a limited time to reduce inventory.  We’re pet owners, too, and we’re dedicated to providing pet supplies for less at all times!

Feel free to browse what we have to offer while you’re here.  We have a great selection at good prices.  We’re dedicated to you, the dog owner, and to your beloved friend in providing the very best products for his health and well being and your peace of mind.  If you have any questions, just hit the live chat button and we’ll be glad to help – one dog person to another!